SWIR System with Laser Range Finder (LRFS)

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  • Taken using the prototype system consisting of the SWIR channel and a 1550nm laser range finder. The image shows the laser spot on the target at 3.7km.

A state of the art spotter system combining mid wave IR with 1550nm laser range finder.

  • Provides vision of the laser spot on the chosen target.
  • High resolution SWIR camera.
  • 1550nm laser designator — maximum range 8km.
  • Powered standard zoom lens:
  •    o X10 — 20mm to 200mm focal length.

       o Alternative custom lens may be specified at time of order

  • Custom lens may be specified to suit customer specific requirements.
  • Mounted in a IP67 weather proof housing.
  • System may be tripod or tower mounted.
  • Full control software.
  • Option of rugged laptop for system control.

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