SWIR System with Laser Designator (SDS)

A state of the art ranging system combining mid wave IR with a 1550nm laser range finder for the optimum long range surveillance coupled to accurate range measurement.

  • Provides vision of the laser spot target.
  • High resolution SWIR camera.
  • 1550nm laser range finder is available in one of four levels of power:
  •    o 2km, 4km, 6km, and 8km.

       o Range level to be specified at time of order.

  • Choice of two powered standard zoom lenses:
  •    o X10 – 20mm to 200mm focal length.

       o X37.5 – 20mm to 750mm focal length

       o Lens specified at time of order

  • Custom lens may be specified to suit customer specific requirements.
  • Mounted in a IP67 weather proof housing.
  • System may be tripod or tower mounted.
  • Full control software.
  • Option of rugged laptop for system control.
    • This image was taken using the prototype system for proof of concept. The prototype uses the same concept as for the production units of a SWIR channel and a 1550nm designator. The image shows the designator spot on a low reflectance target (trees) at a range of 1.7km. There is a slight atmospheric mist hence the line of the laser is visible due to reflectance of the laser from the mist particles. The clarity of the image also provides evidence of the ability of the SWIR wavelength to provide clear images in light mist conditions.

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    • Download features here.
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