Seeing Through Cloud: Imaging Lidar

  • A highly novel approach to a Compact Robust Imaging Lidar System is under development as a powerful tool for detecting and identifying a range of targets through fog and cloud.
  • The compact system has been demonstrated to be capable of target detection and identification far beyond the limits of normal capabilities of eye and / or camera capabilities under conditions where visibility is highly challenged by Fog or Cloud.
  • The Lidar employs a near-UV Laser (355 nm) with a short-duration pulse as the source.
  • It has been demonstrated that, since the scattering spectrum is virtually independent of wavelength (near UV through SWIR), to obtain “vision” through fog and cloud, a near-UV system has major advantages due to the combination of eye safety and the maturity of laser and imaging photon detector technologies.
  • A novel photon-counting, range-gating detector is employed with a resolution at worst limited by the pulse duration of the laser – 7 n.sec or equivalent to 1 metre.
  • Such a detector provides the ultimate in terms of performance (signal to noise ratio) allowing the reconstruction of precise information on targets that are otherwise totally invisible.
  • Depending on application of the user, the laser power and laser size can be adapted if necessary to increase the maximum operational range.
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  Target Detection and Identification through Mist, Fog and   Cloud

Target Max. Detection Max. Recognition







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